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Kiemkill vs African Swine Fever

Tested disinfectant offers solution against pandemic

Proven efficacy MS KiemKill against African Swine Fever

May 14, 2020, Bladel, The Netherlands - Disinfectant MS KiemKill from MS Schippers has proven efficacy against African Swine Fever, a highly contagious viral disease currently spreading all over the world. MS Schippers is pleased to report from independent laboratory tests that the disinfectant significantly inactivates African Swine Fever. That makes MS KiemKill the perfect tool in the fight against this pandemic.

An OIE reference laboratory* tested MS KiemKill against African Swine Fever strain Ba71v. The disinfectant inactivated African Swine Fever over 4.5 log10. The efficacy of MS KiemKill was proven at a dilution of 1:799 (one-part disinfectant product to seven hundred and ninety-nine parts of hard water) at 4 degrees celsius within a contact time of 30 minutes. The laboratory observed no cytotoxicity at a disinfectant concentration of 1:799.

MS KiemKill is a powdered, oxidative, and very fast working disinfectant with a broad spectrum of action. It is effective against many bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses.

MS Schippers developed MS KiemKill for use in pig, cattle and poultry farming. It can be used to disinfect boots, equipment, materials and surfaces in animal housing and associated areas. MS KiemKill includes a colour indicator that shows the effectiveness of the disinfectant in a solution with water.

A germ-free living environment is essential for the health and performance of our animals. In some instances, it is crucial to use a disinfecting agent like MS KiemKill that takes effect rapidly. If germs are killed quickly and effectively, it allows the farmer to keep the pathogens out and prevent (infectious) animal diseases.

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*For information on OIE reference experts and laboratories, please check oie.int/scientific-expertise/reference-laboratories/list-of-laboratories/ under African Swine Fever.

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