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How do you create a germ-free department?
Cleaning products

Cleaning products

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The cleaning and disinfection protocol

! Take care!

Do not forget to wear appropriate protection. Make sure you have protective equipment, including a FFP2 safety mask, disposable gloves and possibly safety glasses.

Step 1

Remove loose dirt.

i Use a shovel or broom.

Step 2

Remove the loose dirt. Make sure everything is 80% clean.

i Use a high-pressure cleaner.

Step 3

Soak in time should be at least 30 minutes, do not allow to dry.

i Use MS TopFoam Power.

Step 4

Remove all loose dirt in the stable. Spray clean.

i Use a high-pressure cleaner.

Step 5

Allow the area to dry completely. Puddles of water that remain dilute the disinfectant and reduce its effectiveness.

i Ventilate and heat the room if necessary.

Step 6

Disinfect the area to kill any remaining germs. Allow the product to soak for at least 15 minutes.

i Use MS MegaDes Novo.

Step 7

Rinse off the remaining disinfectant, so that the animals do not come into contact with it.

i Use water with low pressure.

Step 8

Allow the area to dry completely. The last few germs that are still there cannot multiply if there is no water.

i Ventilate and possibly heat the room.

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