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Becoming a MS Schippers Dealer

MS Schippers dealers and their employees represent the unique MS Schippers Brand to customers in the professional livestock industry. Dealing directly with customers you as a dealer always embody our vision and values in improving animal health management and disease prevention in the livestock industry as a company we are operating globally. As a dealer you will focus on animal health aspects to create healthy animals and a healthy environment within companies. MS Schippers will provide a complete package of services, products and support to make you as our dealer perform better.

This total package along with specialized advice and knowledge makes MS Schippers a trustworthy partner. Bringing added value and “Passion for Farming” for you as a dealer to rely on. With a specialized and professional team we provide the support our dealers need with the necessary expertise. Whether it is regarding productservice, sales, marketing or transport with the necessary expertise.

We help our dealers to grow

We are operating transparent, honest and are always searching for a long term relationship with our dealers based on our Passion for Farming. By focussing on each part of the industry and operating globally our knowledge is broad and focuses on each individual link to make hygiene more important.

With our unique HyCare facilities and our trained specialists we are able to coach and share knowledge to companies on how to improve hygiene management in the livestock industry. We support our dealers to grow, perform better and gain more profit. Our marketing department is constantly creating content to support all sales reps. You can easily sign up to our latest updates at the bottom of the page!

What do I need to do to become a MS Schippers dealer?

MS Schippers has a dedicated team to help you become a dealer. We want to have personal contact to walk you through the process and see how we are able to help you answer all the questions you have regarding a dealership. Please fill in your contact details and as much information about your company. The more information we have the faster we are able to assist you.

Who will be my contact person?

This is depending on different variables, such as country, industry, type of product range, etc. When we personally contacted you we will assign a dedicated contact person to help you.

How can I get in contact with MS Schippers?

You can fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or you can send an email with all your details to

What qualities does MS Schippers look for in companies who want to become a dealer?

We are looking for dealers who share the same Passion for Farming as us. Our vision is to improve the Hygiene Management and standards within the intensive livestock industry. We are looking for partners who share that same vision and inspirators in their field to move the industry forward. We are always searching and discussing new opportunities and are more than willing to talk in person what that could mean for you.

Does MS Schippers charge a franchise fee?

Our dealers are independant and self operating. There is no franchise fee charged. We are supporting and stimulating our dealers to improve their business.

How many product categories am I expected to carry?

At the moment our products are offered in selected markets. This process is coordinated with our current dealers. We are primarily focussing on our hygiene management concepts and solutions, but when a dealer is looking for specific products or range we are always open to think forward with them.

Can I sell other brands besides MS Schippers? Can I sell other products?

This is all depending on the requirements that are set in your customized agreements.





Any questions?

Please fill in the details below with your e-mail address and we are pleased to contact you!

Personal advice

Call for personal advice +31-(0)497-339774 or send an email to

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