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About us

About MS Schippers

We have had a great “Passion for Farming” for 50 years now. By using the slogan Passion for farming, the Schippers family clearly shows what the firm stands for. We serve livestock farmers and go to great lengths for it. We continuously develop products and services which allow the farmer to “improve farming”. As a result, Schippers holds an increasingly strong position on the international market with its 350 employees, 10,000 products and 12 offices. The growth over the past years made us realise that the opportunities are unprecedented. We are more ambitious than ever and deploy every possible method to let our farmers farm even better.


Schippers' current success can be attributed to its innovative and flexible attitude towards work and its ongoing attempts to improve and develop requisites for daily practice. The organisation is young and dynamic with an average employee age of 35 years. Schippers underwent a complete evolution, both in its products and in its thinking and approach. Today's 'manager' is no longer yesterday's 'farmer'. Schippers has been able to adjust fully to the ever growing need for knowledge among livestock farmers. Driven by innovation and flexibility, Schippers has always been at the cutting edge of its industry - this is what makes the company responsive. Internal, short lines of communication and a flat organisational structure are part of Schippers' strength. Currently, a lot of investment is made in knowledge. This is done by recruiting and employing highly-qualified people with a background/training in animal husbandry. Staff in the field, advisors as well as office personnel frequently attend courses covering various key subjects, primarily aimed at further improving our service towards our clients.

About MS Schippers

Schippers abroad

Since 1996, Schippers has also been active outside the Netherlands and Belgium. After all, an extended market leads immediately to cost price reduction, thereby also supporting Schippers' position as a strong player in terms of pricing. Schippers serves its foreign clients through its own subsidiaries and its Export Division. Schippers uses its own sales offices which are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil and Denmark. The Export Division is the contact point for agents, sellers and joint ventures outside these countries.

About MS Schippers

Product knowledge

Schippers has a broad and deep range of products. Our field organisation talks to livestock farmers on a daily basis and is supported by several product specialists. There is much exchange of information, both on a national and an international level. In addition, various partnerships with institutes and universities ensure that the current lead in knowledge is maintained. Quality systems such as GMP, ISO, QS, as well as other recognitions form a guarantee for clients that equals good and uniform quality. Traceability is crucial in that respect. As a consequence of all this, Schippers is more than just a trade organisation. It also uses this lead in knowledge to assist livestock farmers and give advice in case of (urgent) problems on the farm.

Future plans

With our MS Schippers webshop we are focusing on European livestock farmers and we aspire to become the European market leader within a few years. The goal is to offer every livestock farmer the chance to conduct business with Schippers directly. In some European countries where we do not have a webshop, we also work together with local dealers. We look forward to become your partner in hygiene and daily animal supplies! Are you based outside of Europe? We develop and produce our own product line of hygiene products which are shipped to the entire world via our export department and local dealers.

Personal advice

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