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Do you also want to treat the claws automatically 24/7?

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Benefits of MS AutoHoofClean
  • Treatment at the source
  • 24/7 automatic claw bath
  • Easy to use
  • No aggressive products used

Foot Bath


Foot baths and hoof disorders can have a negative impact on the number of visits to the milking robot. For this reason, as well as the great deal of work involved, they are not often used. Furthermore, most foot baths contain aggressive, acidic products that can affect the skin around the hoof. That’s a shame, because the cow deserves better!

What is the MS AutoHoofClean?

MS AutoHoofClean is an integrated, low labor, skin-friendly approach to foot bath management. It’s particularly suitable on milking robot farms. MS AutoHoofClean works because cows walk their claws on a fully automated hoof care mat three to four times a day, after the robot visits. The mat is filled with water, MS HoofClean and MS Megades Novo.

MS HoofClean is a hoof care product based on natural extracts


• pH neutral for the skin

• Non-aggressive

• Made for cleaning the hooves and caring for the skin

• Environmentally friendly


The effectiveness of a foot bath depends on the product and the contact time, (effectiveness = product x contact time). With the MS AutoHoofClean we increase the contact time and we can use a less aggressive product.


"I’ve been working with the MS AutoHoofClean for three months now. I really see that the claws look much better, especially the transition from claw to skin is a greatly improved. The large cases are now either gone or have become much smaller. You do not see any new cases of mortellaro."- Mark Huybregts

Testimonial by Mark Huybregts