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Do you want to give your piglets the best possible start?

Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the MS BIZA .

Advantages of the BIZA
  • Less cross-contamination
  • No pressure on the wrists and joints
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Easy to use in every stall
  • Perfect guidance and support

What is the MS BIZA?

The MS BIZA is a treatment cart trolley for piglets, called the MS MultiTreatmentUnit, expanded with various modules for treating pigs as easily as possible and preventing cross-contamination. This allows you to do things like automatically attach ear tags with the MS Tagmatic Turbo or quickly give the piglets fluids using the MS Handsfree Oral Dispenser. It also contains the MS SmartClipper piglet treatment cart trolley for properly clipping docking tails. Finally, iron is administered without a needle with the MS Pulse, which makes the injection of iron and thus the chance of cross-contamination, superfluous. With MS BIZA, treatments are carried out in a hygienic and work-friendly way in the first 3 days of life.

Why is the best possible pig treatment important?

Young piglets often interact with all possible sources of infection, such as dirty treatment crates, clipping wounds that have yet to heal, contaminated needles, castration wounds, and/or dirty clothing and hands. These cause the piglets to undergo a great deal of stress and the chance of cross-contamination is high. Additional attention for the animal during these crucial times has an immediate, positive effect on the animal’s health, growth, survival, and use of antibiotics. See below what the advantages are of the various modules in the BIZA concept.

Save time with the MS Tagmatic Turbo

With the MS Tagmatic Turbo it is possible to attach the MS Tag Little ear tags to the piglets.

  • The pin for these ear tags is significantly smaller than in other ear tags. This makes for a smaller wound in the ear, which in turn decreases the chances of the transfer of infection.
  • The ear tags can be attached automatically with the MS Tagmatic Turbo. Since you will not be working with an ear piercer and loose tags, you will not only save time, but spare your wrist and joints substantial pain as well.
  • The quick treatment creates less stress for the piglets, which contributes to greater growth for your animals.

Work more hygienically and more precisely with the MS Handsfree Oral Dispenser

The MS Handsfree Oral Dispense is a user-friendly, semi-automatic pump. This gives you two free hands to hold the piglet with.

  • The mouthpiece is easy to replace. By using a separate mouthpiece for each litter or individual pig, you limit the chances of cross-contamination.
  • Work more precisely. Since the piglets are pressed onto the mouthpiece, they receive the exact dosage directly into their mouths.
  • The MS Handsfree Oral Dispense saves time through automation.

Decrease the chances of infection when you clip tails with the MS SmartClipper

The added function of the MS SmartClipper keeps the clipping blade at the proper temperature consistently.

  • A hot blade immediately cauterizes the wound, which decreases the chance of infection.
  • The device is equipped with a spacer. This allows you clip all the tails to the same length.
  • The blade is easy to replace.

Needle free injection with MS Pulse

Iron is an important component of oxygen transport in piglets and is also necessary for the piglet to gain weight. In practice, iron can easily be provided by a one-time injection in the first stage of life.

MS Pulse is a needle free injection system. The pressure source (CO² gas canister or compressed air) takes care of penetrating the liquid into the skin and divide into the underlying tissue layers.

  • Cross-contamination by needles is excluded
  • The even distribution of the liquid ensures better effectiveness
  • Improved meat quality due to the absence of abscesses and tissue damage
  • Less pain and stress for the piglets
  • Accurate injection of vaccines from 0,1 to 0,5 cc injection depth

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