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MS Greenline concept

MS Greenline concept

Would you like to clean and disinfect simply, fast and effectively?

Please contact us and we will be pleased to tell you more about the MS Greenline concept.

Benefits of MS Greenline Concept
  • Always the right dosage of the right product
  • No contact with products
  • Easy switch between flush - cleaning - disinfecting
  • Saving time and labor costs
  • Perfect guidance and support

What is the MS Greenline Concept?

The MS Greenline concept consists of the MS GreenLine and a cleaning product such as MS Topfoam LC Alk (unique in-depth cleaning and long contact time) and a disinfectant, such as MS Megades Novo or MS Oxy-DES. MS Greenline can be connected to the high-pressure system and then in a single operation rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting can be performed.

The dosage of the products may be set at a percentage, so that the dosage is always correct and consistent. Excess consumption and contact with the products is prevented. An additional option of the MS Greenline is MS Maggot Death to fight maggots simply and effectively.

Why is cleaning and disinfection important?

Cleaning and disinfection is important for optimal living environment. Dirt is the breeding ground for micro-organisms (including pathogens) and puts the operating results under pressure. It is therefore necessary to clean the places where animals stay first well for the sake of disinfecting. Good cleaning without a soaking agent is not possible. After cleaning the animals’ places of stay must be disinfected to kill all the germs.

Proper cleaning and disinfection ensures that the animals remain fit and healthy, making them perform better. Even newborn animals make a good start, without being directly contaminated with germs. It is a time consuming task, but very important for the welfare of the animals. With the MS Greenline the job is done.