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Total Water Care

Total Water Care

Do you also always want optimal drinking water for animals?

Please contact us and we will be pleased to tell you more about the MS Total Water Care Concept.

Benefits of MS Total Water Care Concept
  • Effective and constant clean water supply
  • Optimum water absorption by better taste
  • Better digestion and better resistance
  • Good working dosing always guaranteed
  • Perfect guidance and support

What is the MS Total Water Care Concept?

The MS Total Water Care Concept consists of a dosing system with two pumps for Di-O-Clean for the cleaning and disinfection of a drinking water system (the only approved cleaner for use in drinking water (PT05)) and for MS Goldfeed, organic acids, for supporting intestinal health.

The MS Total Water Care Concept is a 100% automated system and following a single programming per round ensures clean drinking water and proper dosing of additives. The pump can be read out and the water and acid consumption can be monitored via My Schippers. The MS Total Water Care Concept ensures effective and constant clean water supply.

Why is an optimal drinking water important?

The importance of drinking water quality is often underestimated, while water is the most important nutrient for animals. For optimal performance of the animals it is important that they have access to clean drinking water. Water is essential for vital functions such as growth, body temperature, and the transport of nutrients and waste products in the body.

By an organic acid added to the water intestinal health is optimized and this will provide better technical and economic performance and less use of antibiotics. The MS Total Water Care Concept provides fully automatic administration of Di-O-Clean and MS Goldfeed.

Personal advice

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