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Reorder direct. Our app makes it this easy
  • Quick product scan
  • Reorder easily
  • Works without the reach of internet
  • One time log in
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We are always looking for ways to help farmers. That's why we've made the MS Schippers App. With the MS Schippers App you have a direct overview of products that you order the most. Thanks to a simple scanfunction reodering is super easy.

To ease up the process of ordering products, we added the following features to our app:

  • No internet connection in your stables? No problem. You can still use the app, we will make sure the order gets confirmed when you have an internet connection.
  • Easily find a direct overview of your most used products on the homescreen of your app.
  • Our app remembers the products you’ve added to your basket, even if you shut down the app. This way the app can also be used as a grocery list!
  • Do you have more than one stable? No problem; switching is super easy.
  • Searching for products you did not know yet!