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Hycare concepts

Total Water Care

For optimal performance of your animals, it is important that they have access to clean and healthy drinking water. Water With Total Care, you are always assured of optimal drinking . It ensures not only clean drinking water , but also stimulates the immune system and digestion of your animals.

MS Greenline concept

Cleaning and disinfection is important for an optimal environment for your animals. MS Green Line is a tool for cleaning and disinfection of stalls . When connected to a high pressure system it cleans and disinfects in one operation.

Rat & mice control

Rodents’ nuisance can result in disease transmission and material damage. By taking the right measures, problems with rats and mice can be permanently resolved.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Animals can perform better in a clean environment. Keeps bacteria and viruses outside the door and prevents cross-contamination. Cleans rapidly thanks to the suitable cleaning agent and disinfect…

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